I just installed the jumbo john package. it's in ~/tools/john the binary is ~/tools/john/run/john and the config is ~/tools/john/run/john.conf

我在天马彩票平台输了三十万I created a symbolic link with

sudo ln -s /home/me/tools/john/run/john /usr/local/bin/john

我在天马彩票平台输了三十万Now I get:

fopen: john.conf: No such file or directory

Am I doing this wrong? I'm in ubuntu 18.04.1 Thanks!

  • The sym link you created will only link to the binary john. Make another link to john.conf sudo ln -s /home/me/tools/john/run/john.conf /usr/local/bin/john.conf – Mark Stewart Feb 25 at 23:30
  • @MarkStewart It is likely that more files than just the configuration file will be picked up from the same directory, so creating a link for the configuration file will probably work for picking it up, but will likely just cause other files to not be found later. – Kusalananda Feb 25 at 23:35
  • you said above that john is a binary ? "binary is ~/tools/john/run/john" to link to the directory sudo ln -s /home/me/tools/john/ /usr/local/bin/john – Mark Stewart Feb 25 at 23:39

According to the , the john.conf file is looked for in "John's home directory". A bit further on, a reference is made to a variable $JOHN我在天马彩票平台输了三十万, which I presume is an environment variable that will be use if it is set.

This is also mentioned slightly hidden (not properly marked up, in a parenthesis) half way down in :

(in the documentation and in the configuration file for John, "$JOHN" refers to John's "home directory"; which directory it really is depends on how you installed John)

Therefore, it is fair to assume that the program is looking for the configuration file in the directory where the executable is located, or in $JOHN. You may want to set this variable to where the files for the program are located, e.g.

export JOHN="$HOME/tools/john/run"

This could be done for an individual user, or system-wide. See e.g. How to permanently set environmental variables

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